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OneFourZero by ryanstannage


L’Olivera, Naltres by clasebcn



Ashford & Ashford’s

Ashford & Ashford’s mark holds great symbolic importance to the company as a whole. Two main ideas founded the mark. The first: to create a very structured mark to convey stability, credibility, and legality. The second idea was to use an underlying organic feeling in order to communicate reliability, approachability, and accessibility.

This balance was struck in both the typography and the crest itself. The typeface is structured yet curvilinear. When creating the crest of the mark, we did so in layers. The first layer, the outlining of the crest, is designed to mirror the organic curvature within the typeface. Next was the incorporation of the signature ‘A.’ The ‘A’ is used as a reference to an oil-rig, in relation to the work of Ashford & Ashford. Finally, three curvilinear lines were integrated behind the ‘A’, used to symbolize the layers of the earth. The placing of the diamond in the lower half of the crest was chosen as a reference to minerals.

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Vagina Monologues, 2013 by Fons Hickman M23 from Germany


/ Akkurat in use by Laurenz Brunner

Mercat d´Idees by Mucho



Dodds Gin Bottle Labels


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Blanquerna Centre Cultural  by Mario Eskenazi 



Atipus   |

Identity for social music therapist and educator Celia Castillo. The identity is based on rhythmic exercises at its Celia develops, the basic aim is to provoke different moods in their patients.

Atipus is a design studio established in Barcelona since 1998 which provides graphic design and web services for companies, associations and public institutions.

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